Redgate's ANTS Memory Profiler 7: .NET profiling "is not just an option"

Cambridge, UK, January 18, 2011 – Redgate Software has released ANTS Memory Profiler 7, a new tool that makes finding and fixing memory problems so simple that .NET developers will want to use it for all of their applications.

"It's nice-looking, easy to use and most important of all, amazingly useful," says Maciej Aniserowicz, a freelance developer and Microsoft C# MVP. "I'm tempted to go back and profile all of my projects that I wrote in the past. Now I know that using a memory profiler is not just an option – it should be mandatory."

Three easy pieces

Three major improvements in ANTS Memory Profiler 7 make it easier than ever to uncover memory problems in .NET applications:

Shipping better software

"Even the most skilled .NET developers sometimes don't understand the complexities of memory management," says Mel Harbour, Redgate project manager. "ANTS Memory Profiler 7 makes it vastly simpler to discover why an application isn't using memory properly. It also lets developers find problems they might not have known existed, improving the quality of software shipped to customers."

Is it really that good?

Developers can find out for themselves whether ANTS Memory Profiler 7 is all Redgate says it is by downloading a free trial at:


Media contact:
Bob Cramblitt, Cramblitt & Company
tel. (1) 919.481.4599

Images available upon request.

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