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SQL Prompt v4.0.3 available now

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 11:12 am    Post subject: SQL Prompt v4.0.3 available now Reply with quote

SQL Prompt v4.0.3 is now available for download.

Bugs fixed:

NOLOCK breaks SQL Prompt
SQL prompt does not suggest declared variable in same execution block which 3.9 use to do
GRANT Statement should have list of USERS
Order for the temporary tables in Auto insert is not same as it is while creating table
SSMS has poor performance with script open
SSMS hangs when inserting * into script
Update Set does not show Column hints for v4
No suggestions for aliased table valued function
object_schema_name function is not supported
Table function definition not dispalyed with SQL 2000
$Date$ in Snippets
Wrong retuned type displayed in help

September 2009

SQL Prompt v4- Build is a minor update that addresses indentation issues and few bug fixes from SQL Prompt v4 release.

Bug fixes include:
Fixed the exception caused when using the same alias twice in JOIN
Users will be prompted for GRANT statements
SQL prompt will now suggest declared variables
Using EXEC within an ALTER statement will no longer auto-generate code wrongly
Keywords will get auto-cased on hitting ENTER
Columns will now be inserted in table order for temp tables
Foreign key of related table in JOIN will be prompted at the top of the suggestion list
Indentation fixes:
All inserted code will be indented to current indentation level
New lines will be inserted at current indentation level
END will be aligned with BEGIN

August 2009
SQL Prompt v4 is a major upgrade to SQL Prompt v3.x and involves complete reengineering and redesigning of the product for providing more accurate suggestions and non-obtrusive sleek UI.

The new version features the following changes:

Slick UI:
The UI has been redesigned so that the application is not intrusive and features are more easily discoverable.

Improved SQL Grammar support:
Enhanced T-SQL grammar support for SQL 2000, SQL 2005 and SQL 2008 SQL server editions thereby suggesting accurate, reliable suggestions that covers a more extensive scope of T-SQL

Performance improvements:
SQL Prompt is way faster with caching databases and over high latency networks

New Snippet Manager:
We have a separate UI for creating and managing of snippets

Column picker:
Redesigned column picker that is more easily discoverable and now shows the number of columns selected

Redesigned options dialog that is easier to navigate and use

Right click context menus:
There are right click context menus for snippet creation and formatting SQL code

No storing of any cache on disk:
All database objects will be held in memory thereby saving disk space usage. Offline mode working will not work.

Formats code: (Pro feature)
We have a new way of storing your options as Styles so that you can share your format options with anyone you would like.

Decrypts encrypted objects: (Pro feature)
Encrypted objects from SQL 2000, SQL 2005 and SQL 2008 can be decrypted

Upgrading from v3.x versions:
SQL Prompt v4 is a major version that installs as a separate installation.

None of your customised options settings from SQL Prompt 3.x will be imported into 4.x. You may wish to take screenshots before upgrading for your reference.

Note: The installer states that SQL Prompt 4 can be used side by side with SQL Prompt 3. This is incorrect - SQL Prompt v4 will not work in parallel with v3; therefore, installing SQL Prompt v4 will automatically disable v3.

For SQL Prompt v3.8 or later: If you want to re-enable v3, you must first uninstall v4 using Add/Remove Programs; if you do uninstall v4, then v3 will automatically be restored, including all your saved settings and snippet files.

If your version of SQL Prompt is 3.7 or earlier and you use SQL Prompt in Query Analyzer or Visual Studio, we recommend that you uninstall SQL Prompt before installing SQL Prompt 4. If you use SQL Prompt 3.7 or earlier only in SQL Server Management Studio, you do not need to uninstall it before installation of v4.

Importing snippets and aliases
As a major new installation, existing user-created snippets and aliases or your old configuration options will not automatically be imported into v4. Red Gate offers two free tools that help migrate snippets and aliases from v3.9. For more information, please see the following forum posts:

Snippet migrator:
Alias importer:

Upgrading from v4 EA/Beta releases
For users who have installed the SQL Prompt v4 early access or Beta builds, this release version is displayed as a minor free upgrade using the Check for Updates feature. However, v4 is a major upgrade.

Existing users without support and upgrades package: You will have a trial license when you install SQL Prompt v4. To continue using SQL Prompt v4 after the trial period, you will need to purchase a new license.

Existing users with support and upgrades package: If you already have a SQL Prompt v3 valid license number purchased with support and upgrades package you can use the same license to manually activate v4.

For more detailed information about the changes from SQL Prompt v3.9 to SQL Prompt v4 please read the following article on our Support Center:
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