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SQL Compare 10.2.5 has been released

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Michelle Taylor

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2012 7:21 pm    Post subject: SQL Compare 10.2.5 has been released Reply with quote

Announcing SQL Compare 10.2.5, available via Check for Updates or download from the link below:

This is a minor release that fixes a few issues found in, including the major known issue from the last post regarding custom script folder layouts, but also including:

recently used repositories now show their migrations folder, if they have one, in a tooltip (to make it clear what the difference is between repositories with the same main path but different migration folders)

priority of object selections from filters vs individual selections when using project on the command line should now be identical to UI behaviour (previously some filters took priority incorrectly)

foreign key dependencies on reference primary keys now enforced for script folders

including static data in a SQL Compare deployment script no longer also includes the SQL Data Compare comment header

SC-6072 - fixed failure to start SQL Compare when custom script folder layout options were specified in previous versions
SC-6055 - datetimeoffset(0) now consistantly displayed when read from script folders
SOC-3873 - money type no longer overflows on very large numbers when reading from script folders
SC-6056 - fixed occasional exception in picking which migration scripts to enable by default
SC-6073 - script folder deployment issue when changing from inline to explicit check constraint fixed
SC-6085 - fixed a crash on getting latest changes with SOC with the sysname datatype in a table
SC-5599 - rare CrytographicException when loading some v8 or earlier projects fixed
SC-6099 / SC-5184 - fixed a problem with user deployment with mapped schemas
SC-6019 - fixed a crash in the deployment wizard when script generation fails
SC-5215 - fixed a crash where case sensitivity got unset in the middle of a snapshot comparison
SC-6066 - /include:Identical command line option now no longer incorrectly applies filter rules
SC-6112 - warning to replace deprecated XML file from SOC now displays file name correctly
SC-5677 - /assertidentical and /report command line options can now be used together
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