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Latest stable build of SQL Prompt is

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Aaron Law

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 08, 2014 3:14 pm    Post subject: Latest stable build of SQL Prompt is Reply with quote

SQL Prompt - 9th June 2014

- Select in Object Explorer
- Many improvements to our SQL grammar
- UpperCamelCase and lowerCamelCase casing options
- Highlighting matching parentheses
- Template parameter dialog box now opens automatically if a snippet has parameters
- $SELECTIONSTART$ and $SELECTIONEND$ snippet placeholders
- Improvements to suggestions
- Suggestions box delay option added
- Pressing Enter after GO now enters a new line
- Inserted and deleted tables are now suggested for triggers (and now resolve to correct table in other statements)
- Documentation for parameters of built-in functions
- Properties for built-in metadata functions (SERVERPROPERTY, FILEPROPERTY, DATABASEPROPERTYEX, etc) are now suggested
- Show schema names state is now saved
- Many bug fixes

Download this release

Full release notes

Version history
- Fix for some assemblies not being digitally signed correctly (causing false positives with anti-virus software)
- Fix for crash (Forum post)
- Fix for too many words being recased automatically
- Initial release
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