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Setup options missing

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 4:37 am    Post subject: Setup options missing Reply with quote

Hi I'm new to SQL Source Control and am running
I've watched a webinar here
And started to read this article
However I think I am missing links on the Setup tab. In the webinar he right clicks near the URLs and gets a menu that comes up that includes open???Cantmakeitout???Browser but all mine has is copy. in the article they refer to Migrations folder: setup link in the setup tab but it I canít see that either
Can anyone tell me is I am missing something?
I will also post another query but I will ask here too. I'm trying to add something to a migration script. I know AI can edit it manually but what I thought I might be able to do is where you can right click an object in commit changes tab and choose Add new migration script I thought there would be an option to add to existing migration script? If not how do people manage scripts for projects. We have a situation where developers are working on BAU work and a project. WE would like to be able to keep the project scripts together so at a later date they can be deployed as a package in a migration script or similar. How can I achieve this?
Cheers Brian
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