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bug with phalanger

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2012 12:43 pm    Post subject: bug with phalanger Reply with quote

il code:

    .maxstack 5
    L_0000: ldarg.1
    L_0001: ldstr "SirenaAnnulPNR"
    L_0006: stfld string [PhpNetCore]PHP.Core.PhpStack::CalleeName
    L_000b: ldarg.1
    L_000c: ldfld class [PhpNetCore]PHP.Core.ScriptContext [PhpNetCore]PHP.Core.PhpStack::Context
    L_0011: ldarg.1
    L_0012: ldc.i4.1
    L_0013: call instance object [PhpNetCore]PHP.Core.PhpStack::PeekValue(int32)
    L_0018: ldarg.1
    L_0019: ldc.i4.2
    L_001a: call instance object [PhpNetCore]PHP.Core.PhpStack::PeekValueOptional(int32)
    L_001f: ldarg.1
    L_0020: ldc.i4.3
    L_0021: call instance object [PhpNetCore]PHP.Core.PhpStack::PeekValueOptional(int32)
    L_0026: ldarg.1
    L_0027: call instance void [PhpNetCore]PHP.Core.PhpStack::RemoveFrame()
    L_002c: call object <sections/avia/bron/functions_sirena.php>.<Script>::SirenaAnnulPNR(class [PhpNetCore]PHP.Core.ScriptContext, object, object, object)
    L_0031: ret

RemoveFrame called after PeekValue*
c# code:

    stack.CalleeName = "SirenaAnnulPNR";
    return SirenaAnnulPNR(stack.Context, stack.PeekValue(1), stack.PeekValueOptional(2), stack.PeekValueOptional(3));

RemoveFrame called before PeekValue*
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