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HyperBac Components Update (version 5.7.0)

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 10, 2012 9:48 am    Post subject: HyperBac Components Update (version 5.7.0) Reply with quote

Version 5.7 of the HyperBac components have been released (SQL Storage Compress is powered by HyperBac technology).

Build numbers:
Installer version:
Service version:
Driver version:

Since last August we have released 3 versions of the components as follows:

Version 5.7.0 (July 2012)

- A bug causing restores to SSC databases to fail on some hardware (HyperBac logs showed the error "Failed to probe user buffer") has been fixed. (HBD-27)
- Windows Explorer now displays .mdfe, .ndfe, and .ldfe files with the HyperBac icon. (HBT-197)

Version 5.6.x (May 2012)

- Index files that are no longer needed are now deleted automatically.
- Various bugs surrounding handling SQL Storage Compress (SSC) and SQL Virtual Restore (SVR) databases on a mounted virtual hard disk have been fixed. (HBT-183)
- Compressed database files and stub SVR files can now be copied and remounted safely. (HBT-149)
- HyperUtil now respects the -L option (which overrides the log file path). (HBT-212)

Version 5.5.x (November 2011 and February 2012)

- The service now reports its progress when rebuilding index files; this is written to the associated log file. (HBT-179)
- SSC and SVR databases can now be brought on-line instantly. This greatly reduces the time taken to initialise these databases on system start up.
- RESTORE WITH REPLACE to an SSC database now gives the expected compression even after repeated RESTORE operations. (HBT-107)
- A memory leak that could be seen as a small increase in memory used every few hours has been fixed.
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