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Result Window Request

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 6:27 pm    Post subject: Result Window Request Reply with quote

In the result window, can you add option to either not display the "Scripts Executed" pane or move it as tab with "Results" and "Messages"? Same applies for the "Execute Against" pane. This would allow for maximum display of the actual query results. Ideally allow these to be individual floating windows that can lock to main screen or have thumb-tack option to stick or hide similar to Visual Studio and Management Studio.

Also the "Execute Against" does not seem to work properly or I mis-understand it's usage. If I de-select a server.database and execute the query, Multi-Scrip automatically re-checks everything and runs the query against all the databases in my distribution list. This is not a big deal because I can always de-select the database from the distribution list. But if it's not being used, it is taking up a lot of screen space for no reason.

I'm running SQL Multi-Script v1.1.0.34 and so far the product seems real promising.

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