23 September 2013
23 September 2013

Personal development

Here at Redgate we’ve been experimenting with new approaches to personal development and decided to refresh what we were doing.

We think “Personal Improvement Plans” are a bit tired and corporate and were concerned with a whole bunch of things about the way they’re usually implemented so we decided to play with things a little.  So far our experiment has been resoundingly successful – in fact we’re really stunned at how positive all the responses have been so far.

If you’d like to try them our yourself (or are interested in how we do them) here’s the detailed mechanics behind what we’re doing.

If this seems inspiring or you’d like to know more, we recommend you have a read of the background behind our approach to development plans.

Finally, if you’ve tried these out for yourself, we’d love your feedback, updates and adjustments – please dive in and comment on any of these posts.

We hope you enjoy them!

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